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On our family farm we grow a wide selection of seasonal vegetables. We aim to offer a range of seasonal fresh produce straight from our surrounding fields, available to you within a few hours of harvesting. We also stock selected fresh seasonal produce from local farms.

Home Grown vegetables – Your Guide To Our Harvesting Periods
Purple Sprouting Jan – Mar
Rhubarb Mar – Aug
Asparagus End Apr – 21st June
Courgettes July – Mar
Marrows July – Mar
Calabrese Sept – Dec
Pumpkins/Squash Oct – Mar
Cabbages, Leeks Oct – Nov
Cauliflower Oct – Jan
Brussel tops, Brussels, Kale Oct – Feb
Weather conditions can affect availability, so this is a guide only.

Bring your class for a day in the countryside
Farm visits are a wonderful opportunity to bring your pupils into the countryside and experience life on a working farm. The farm gives a wide base to teach from across the curriculum and key stages. Our facilities include a disabled toilet, full hand washing facilities, picnic area behind duck pond and ample parking. We can provide a tractor trailer ride at a charge per child. We are CEVAS (countryside educational Visits Accreditation Scheme) trained and can arrange visits to your requirements. Our farm provides the background to discussion on the following subjects.

Arable crops: Planting, Seasons, Growing – cycle, Rotation, Harvesting, How the grain/seed is used
e.g bread/oil/beer.

Vegetables: Field to Table, Planting, Seasons, Growing – cycle, Growing
techniques, Harvesting, Food Miles.

Woodland: Birds, Flowers, Tree recognition, Tree bark rubbing, Life cycle, Insects.

Farm Shop: Country of origin, Produce recognition, Seasonal produce, Food miles, Weights and measures.